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Mahi Tahi -
Thriving Families

Having multiple agencies involved can usually be a positive and rewarding experience but sometimes these agencies struggle to keep in touch with one another meaning that you are often pulled in different directions depending on the priorities of the organisations involved. Mahi Tahi - Thriving Families is a new Family Start Initiative that is designed to pull agencies together and work together as one.

Family Start provides a facilitator who will meet with you to discuss your goals and needs. The facilitator will then arrange a meeting with the agencies/organisations you are involved with alongside you and create a plan together to achieve your goals and meet your needs. 

Mahi Tahi - Thriving Families has the following core values when creating a collaborative plan with agencies.

1. Child Centric - The plan is centered around the needs and well-being of the children. 

2. Holistic - The plan will enable a holistic approach to being child centric, meaning that many barriers affecting families often need to be overcome to benefit the children.

3. Achievable - The plan will contain achievable goals and realistic timeframes.

4. Accountable - Agencies at the meeting need to agree to be held accountable for the things they say they are going to do. The Family Start facilitator will directly address anyone that is not following through with things they have pledged to do.

5. Actionable - The plan will have clearly defined action points for agencies and organisations to go away from the meeting with things to action. 

If you think this will benefit your family, or a family you are working with. Please complete the referral form below:

Refer to Mahi Tahi

Don't worry if there is more information you need to give us, The first step is to meet with the parent first and get all the information, then we invite the agencies involved.

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